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What’s On at Aotea Utanganui?  View our What’s On Guide below for our latest exhibition and events information during Summer.  These What’s On Guides are published seasonally so check back in June 2017 for the next edition.


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Cinema Events


Heartland – Patea (1994)

Occasional Heartland host Annie Whittle visits Patea, and finds the town in rehearsal for the story of its own life. A decade in the making, Poi E – The Musical chronicles Patea’s triumphs and tragedies following the closure of the local freezing works in 1982. Whittle talks to Dalvanius Prime — the musician behind both the original number one song, and the Poi E musical — about the impact the closure had on the township. The programme ends with a rousing live version of ‘Poi E’. Prime would pass away in October 2002.



For more information about this screening contact the museum at museum@stdc.govt.nz or 0800 111 323.


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Educational Experience – The Patea Planting Trust

This educational experience showcases the work of the Pātea Planting Trust.  The trust was formed in 2013 with a vision of re-establishing a ribbon of native habitat along the walkway beside the river, from the town bridge to the sea.  It’s won strong support from the local community and beyond.  Factors in its success include strategic planning to prioritise planting areas, good research to find suitable plants, and the collaborative efforts of many volunteers, organisations, South Taranaki District Council, Kii Tahi Nursery, school and community groups.

An area that could easily have become a weedy wasteland is being restored to a health coastal habitat for native insects, birds and lizards.  More than 4,000 seedlings have been planted, creating an attractive recreational area.  The project has fostered a sense of community pride and involvement. 

Recipient of the Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Award 2016 for ‘Environmental action in the community’.  This educational experience includes detailed maps of the planted areas, photographs of the work being undertaken and moving images from the site.

Season: December 2016 – March 2017

Education Room – Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki

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