Ellmore-Timms Collection

reeve-kilmister-group-1988-11626.jpgThe Ellmore-Timms Collection is a large-scale photographic collection with over 150,000 negatives and paper prints.   This collection contains everything you would expect photographic studios to produce during their time including weddings, sports teams, engagement portraits, commercial and industrial material, newborn portraits and community events.  

Now Aotea Utanganui has the daunting task of cataloguing, cleaning, re-housing and digitising portions of this vast studio photographic collection.  We aim to digitise 20-30% of the collection and completely preserve this collection by 2025.  To achieve this goal we need your help.  If you worked for the two photographic studios, Lester Timms or Rodney J. Ellmore in Hawera, we would love to hear from you.  If you have had your picture taken here, we would also like to hear your experiences.  With over 150,000 individual photographic negatives, this remains one of the largest un-catalogued photographic collections in New Zealand.  Contact museum@stdc.govt.nz


Collection Highlights

Check out some of the Ellmore-Timms Collection highlights here.

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Click on the links below to download the Ellmore-Timms spreadsheets.  These spreadsheets have been created by the Hawera – NZ Society of Genealogists to make this extensive photographic collection searchable.  Like to order copies of these photographs?  Contact us today museum@stdc.govt.nz 


Ellmore Photography




Rehousing the Ellmore-Timms Collection

This large, studio-based collection, the Ellmore-Timms Photography Collection, which numbers over 150,000 negatives, was previously stored in inappropriate conditions off-site.  Once this collection was moved into in climate-controlled conditions back at Aotea Utanganui, it was rehoused and boxed into acid-free, conservation-grade boxes for long-term preservation.  The next step in the preservation process for this collection would be to digitise a percentage of this collection to create a master copy of each image for long-term preservation and access.

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