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Pākaitore – It’s not black and white

A photographic essay by Leigh Mitchell-Anyon of the 1995 occupation of Pākaitore-Moutoa Gardens, Whanganui

In 1995 Whanganui iwi, supported by many other local people, other iwi and international travellers, occupied Pākaitore, also known as Moutoa Gardens, in Whanganui.  This action highlighted the Whanganui Iwi Treaty of Waitangi Claim for the Whanganui River, which had been before all levels of the courts since 1886. The occupation was reported on the front pages of every newspaper in the country as well as around the globe.  Opinion was deeply divided in Whanganui and the leaders of the occupation were widely criticised.

What was the occupation all about? Why was it so controversial?  And where has it led to?  In 1995 photographer Leigh Mitchell-Anyon created a large photo essay of the occupation.  This exhibition, with images selected by iwi leaders, marked the 20th anniversary of the occupation and the progress of Whanganui tino rangatiratanga (absolute sovereignty).

The show was funded through the work of the Pākaitore Oral History Project Committee, which worked closely with the Whanganui Regional Museum in developing the exhibition.  logo-image-mapThis exhibition is on loan courtesy of the Whanganui Regional Museum.


NOVEMBER 2017 – FEBRUARY 2018                                                                       

Livingston Baker Archive & Reading Room


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Flashbacks: 80’s & 90’s Fashion Photography 

Looking back at particular fashion choices in the 80’s and 90’s, this exhibition showcases some unique fashion photography from the Ellmore-Timms collection at Aotea Utanganui.  Lester Timms and Rodney J. Ellmore took portraits called ‘glamour prints’ which are pretty unique.  See them on display at the museum in 2018.

Season: March 2018, Livingston Baker Archive & Reading Room