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Keech, Michelle, 11532, 10.5.1988, 003

Flashbacks: 80’s & 90’s Fashion Photography 

The youth of the eighties, many defying established authority, whether state, religion, or gravity (hair), the 80’s fashion defiantly thrust into the lime-light, in a myriad of colour clash demanding to be seen and heard! This generation demanded they keep their babies, with rebel yell, the common people stood up to be counted.

Film, television and music has for decades reflected the hearts and minds of its audience. Many studies have confirmed its strong influence on its audience.  Is it possible that the 80’s-90’s was the emerging of new thought, and speech – breaking through convention, inventing new wave of chaos with artistic flare, synthetic sound, hairspray, negating previous cultural definitions which included gender, style, taste, and conformity. 

The origins glamour photography appears to have begun in Oklahoma in the late 1980s. The original creator of “Glamour Shotz”, gained the idea from an obscure business he accidently stumbled upon in LA, where they had a home makeover studio, including stylist, (make-up and hair) and a wardrobe for costume change.  The photographer could churn out sittings, swiftly.

One thing these ‘boutique’ photography studios have in common, is that the ‘subject’ is pampered, important and the centre of attentive lens.   Being ‘captured’ has appealed to many throughout the ages.  Royalty, the famous, and wealthy were the ones privileged to have their image placed on canvas, then later via film. Fashion photographers in the 1980s made this medium available to any who wanted this experience. We have the proof!  These types of studios are prolific throughout New Zealand, even today.  

As we can see Ellmore and Timms took great pride in their work. They were professionals, and part of their legacy we can display here at Aotea Utanganui.  Out of thousands of images, these displayed were chosen due to interest in lighting, 80’s fashion especially colour, makeup, signature pose which depict the vibrant and explosive styles we flashback to during this exhibition – Leeanne Meikle, Bronwyn Wattrus, & Cameron S. Curd, Exhibition Curators.

MARCH – JULY 2018  

Digital Exhibition – Foyer Gallery                                                                                                  

[Image credit: Michelle Keech, 10.5.1988, (11532)]