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This page is out of date but will be updated shortly so come back soon!

Aotea Utanganui are establishing an evolving list of search databases for archival function searches.  Below are the current databases including the Heritage Publication Database, Photographers’ Database, and the Ellmore-Timms Database.

Search – Heritage Publications Database

Aotea Utanganui has established a database of our heritage-based publications we hold in the archives.  Search the Heritage Publications Database here by downloading this document.  To search for particular publications, select the ‘Find & Select’ function in this Excel document. 


Search – Photographers’ Database

Aotea Utanganui has established a database of studio-based photographers that worked in the South Taranaki region between 1877 and 1975.  Search the Photographers’ Database here by downloading this document.  This is an alphabetical list of the South Taranaki Studio Photographers compiled to date.

South Taranaki Photographers Database

Search – Ellmore-Timms Photography Database  

The Ellmore-Timms Collection is a large-scale photographic collection with over 150,000 negatives and prints.  Search the Ellmore-Timms Database here by downloading these documents.

LesterTimms’BookA,   LesterTimms’BookB,   Ellmore Photography


Contact us if you can add more information to our records about these databases or 0800 111 323.