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The Livingston Baker Archive contains a vast array of archives, maps, photographs, publications, films and videos. Categories include agriculture, business, cemeteries, churches, clubs and societies, dairy companies, education, electricity, fire services, homesteads, houses, hospitals, newspapers, police, photographers, ports, post offices, publications, railways, surveys, town and community  halls, transportation, whaling, military and reference book collection.

The Livingston Baker Archive at Aotea Utanganui is dedicated to providing best practice in museum standards for the care of archives, records and photographs. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and responding to research enquiries in a timely manner.  To let us know how we can help, please contact the Museum with your enquiries

Information & Reproduction Guidelines

Read through this Information & Reproduction Guidelines booklet for services and for what’s in the archive.


The Patea Mail (1875-1941)

Patea Daily Mail, Jan 4 1882

We have newspapers including the Patea Mail from April 1875 to December 1941 on microfilm (1890, 1900, 1901 not included).  The Papers Past website has the Patea Mail from 14 April 1875 – 30 December 1903 (3395 issues) available for viewing here.  More editions of the Patea Mail will be added in 2016.


Image Ordering Service

To order photographic images from our heritage collections please download and complete this form containing relevant pricing, reproduction guidelines and services Image Service – Order Form


A4 Black & White (Gray Scale)  $0.50

A3 Black & White (Gray Scale)  $1.00

A4 Colour (Reference Quality Only)  $1.00

A3 Colour (Reference Quality Only)  $2.00


A4 B/W on photographic quality paper   $20.00

A3 B/W on photographic quality paper   $30.00

A4 Colour on photographic quality paper   $25.00

A3 Colour on photographic quality paper   $30.00

DIGITAL REPRODUCTION CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive (not supplied)

Per Image (300-500ppi TIFF or JPEG file)   $1.00

Postage & Packaging (New Zealand wide)  $25.00

*For the transfer of all digital files we use Dropbox document management system.  This allows our customers to download larger files from the cloud-based system with ease via an email link send after payment is made.


The first thirty minutes are free, then $20.00 per thirty minutes thereafter. Contact the District Archivist for an appointment


Normal delivery times for image orders is approximately three weeks. For larger orders (over 10 images) a longer timeframe must be allowed for processing, which should be factored in when placing your order.


Aotea Utanganui does not hold copyright on all the materials in its collections. Where a current copyright holder is identified, prior permission should be obtained from the person(s). Some of the material included in Aotea Utanganui’s archive and on its website are reproductions from originals held at other institutions or in private collections. Requests of this kind will be forwarded to the original owner of the item if identified. While every effort is made to ensure that the collection items are free of restrictions and available for public use, it is the users’ responsibility to clear copyright and to meet any other requirements placed on the item by the owner, donor or creator of the original.


Any reproduction of Aotea Utanganui images should be acknowledged to Aotea Utanganui and must be credited as follows: Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki Collection (REF#). This reference number will be the file name attached to your photo(s) and should be used at all times.


Commercial reproduction fees will be charged in addition to the costs of creating copies. These fees apply only to the use of the material in commercial or profit-making ventures. Fees may also apply to archives from the collection published in any format (book, magazine, website, film, television). Prices below are per image/item.

Book Chapter, Illustrations, Magazines, Periodicals, Websites, & Newspapers   $35.00

Book Covers and Jackets   $200.00

Exhibition Usage   $80.00

Greeting Cards, Postcards and Calendars   $100.00

Reproduction Prints  (Negotiable)

Advertising and Publicity   $200.00

Contact Us

Archives research is available by appointment between 10am and 4pm Monday and Tuesday; other times may be available by arrangement. For further information please contact:
T: 06 278 0555 or 0800 111 323, E:

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