2004.031 Waverley Public School, 1930 Image: Waverley Public School, 1930 (2004.031)

Our innovative, interactive programmes create valuable learning experiences for all students. These programmes are designed around the New Zealand curriculum with emphasis on the key competencies and values.  Programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of your learners and aims of your inquiry. Learning programmes are supported by Puke Ariki and the Ministry of Education (LEOTC).  Visit the Puke Ariki website for programme details (Aotea Utanganui) www.pukeariki.com/Learning-Research/Education  'The Arrival of Turi' by Oriwa Haddon and Charles Hay-Campbell, 1933, Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki Collection

1.  TANGATA WHENUA – LOCAL PEOPLE (All year: All year levels)

This popular lesson uses the museum collection to study how East Polynesians arrived, adapted and flourished in a new land.  Students will also learn about the ancestral stories, technology and carving styles unique to Taranaki through the beautiful interior and exterior carvings, including the 600-year-old Waitore taonga on display in Aotea Utanganui.  An excellent hands-on programme with a focus on the history and on-going cultural identity of South Taranaki Māori.

New Zealand Curriculum link – This topic covers elements of Science.  Investigating in Science: levels 1-7 and Social Sciences: Social Studies levels 2-6.  The following achievement standards can be linked to this topic;

Science – Level 1: AS 90952  Level 2: AS 91189, AS 91191
Education For Sustainability – Level 2: AS 90811 – Human activity in a biophysical environment 


death of von tempsky

2.  WARS AND CONFLICT – TE PŪTAKE O TE RIRI (All year: Year 7-13) 

Conflict, particularly during the Musket Wars (1817 – 1842) and Taranaki Wars (1860 – 1881), has shaped the lives and identity of individuals, communities and our nation.  It is an important part of our history.  This thought-provoking education programme will challenge students to think about the causes, history and consequences of war.  A part of this lesson will explore the construction and use of Maori weapons during these periods of conflict.  

*A half or full day field trip to important New Zealand war sites in Taranaki is available to complement this topic.

New Zealand Curriculum link – Social Sciences: This topic cover elements of Social Studies levels 1-5.  This topic is also suitable for students at NCEA level – see achievement standards below;

History – Level 1: AS 91004, AS 91006 – Level 2: AS 91232, AS 91234 – Level 3: AS 91434
Education For Sustainability – Level 2: AS 90811 – Human activity in a biophysical environment 



To book for these learning programmes contact Fiona Cayzer at edpukeariki@npdc.govt.nz or (06) 759 6710.

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