The Māori Legend of Maunga Taranaki

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The Māori Legend of Maunga Taranaki

In Māori tradition Mt. Taranaki once dwelled with the other mountains – Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngāuruhoe – in the centre of the North Island. He and Tongariro fought a titanic battle for the favours of the beautiful, bush-clad Pīhanga.  Taranaki was finally defeated and made his way to the west coast of the North Island, forming the Whanganui River during his flight.  As he rested one night a spur of the Pouākai Range grew out and prevented him from continuing the following morning, so today he remains in splendid isolation in the west.

WATCH: See the volcanic alert levels of Maunga Taranaki rise as Māori warrior Andy Maruera portrays each increasing level of volcanic risk on the scale.

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