Remembrance with ‘The Wonder Gardens’ exhibition

Recently we received a postcard from Noel and Beth Price from Hāwera reminding us of how postcards were used during WWI by family members to remind them of home.  This postcard was sent by Dulcie to her brother Bertie while he was in the Military Camp (circa 1915) in Trentham of the beautiful Ngaire Gardens, Taranaki, N.Z. 


Noel and Beth Price Donation

The back of the postcard reads, “Dear Bertie, // I hope you are quite well. // It is a long time since I saw you // last You must come up to Taranaki // before you leave for the Front. // How do you like being in Camp, // Was the concert nice, and did you go and // see Auntie // I remain // Your loving sister Dulcie” 

Noel and Beth Price Donation Back


For more about The Wonder Gardens exhibition check out the catalogue below.  Come wander the wonder garden with us.  Explore the museum’s magical indoor park where together we remember how generations of South Taranaki pleasure-seekers have enjoyed the public spaces that form a background to our lives.  Come play, stroll, remember, relax, and seek out the magic of our locally-loved parks and gardens with us.  This exhibition has been funded by the Taranaki Regional Council (TRC).  Season: May – November 2017 – Temporary Gallery.







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