Little Ships of Patea – Digital Excerpt

Sea water

an Excerpt from Little Ships of Patea: Ships Connected with Patea

Not so long ago, Patea was a thriving little port with a bright future, but now changing patterns of trade have relegated it to a backwater.  Ian Church, brings to the task a trained researcher’s skill and a deep love for ships and the sea, has written the story of the port of Patea and the ships that called there.  His work is a valuable contribution to our knowledge and understanding of a significant aspect of our history. 

Delve into this freshly digitised publication below.

An excerpt from the publication Little Ships of Patea has been approved to be republished on the digital publishing platform, with formal permission gained in writing from Dunmore Publishing Ltd (formally Dunmore Press). *Note: Some of the images that appear in this publication have been rotated for correct viewing on digital devices. Book author: Ian Church, Publisher: Dunmore Press, Year Published: 1977. Contact Details: Dunmore Publishing Ltd, P.O. Box 28387 Auckland, 1541, +64 9 521 3121,

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