New Acquisition – Hawera Primary School Archival Material


From the archives of the Hawera Primary School come a range of new acquisitions to Aotea Utanganui for 2016.  Thanks to Neryda and her team at the Hawera Primary School for considering to donate these archives with us.   

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Some of theses materials include celebration booklets and centennial materials, photographs, transparencies, printing plates, and even an old New Zealand flag.  The photographs feature (see below) school classes, individual pupils, identities and buildings including the construction of the main school building. 

Storage & Access

For the correct storage of a collection like this, conservation boxes are employed to house these objects giving them maximum security and protection over the years we need to care for them.  Labels on these boxes also help us identify how to find them again in the archives room, especially for a customer request.  If anyone wants to view this collection, you’re welcome to contact the District Archivist Cameron S. Curd or 0800 111 323 for an appointment time.

Collection Images


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