Exhibition Focus – James Graham Family in Across the Centreline


Image:  James Graham shop display for King Edward VII coronation 1902, “Whilst many were good the palm for effectiveness must be given to Mr Jas. Graham’s display.  Mr Graham went to great trouble and expense for the occasion and as a result on Saturday night his shop was the centre of attraction”, the Patea Mail, 11 August 1902.

James Graham Family 

The Graham family, one of Patea’s earlier settler families, were involved in the transport business. John Graham ran the Australasian stables in 1876, where tired travellers could leave their horses, and James Graham set up a saddle and harness shop in 1882.

James continued to serve the Patea community for 22 years with his shop which stocked a wide range of products and reflected the ever-changing development of horse transport in South Taranaki.

Patea Mail 1883.jpg

Article: From the Patea Mail, 1883

James or Jas Graham also played an active role in the Patea community where he was a member of the Patea rifle volunteers and the star of Patea Lodge of Druids. His patriotic nature is evident when looking at the photograph marking the coronation of King Edward VII outside his establishment in 1902.


For more about this exhibition view the catalogue below.


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