Fine Art of Evolution: The Works and Words or Derek Parker Little

DPL Layout

No End In Sight: a Retrospective of the Works of Derek Parker Little   

Exhibition Season: November 2016 – April 2017

No End In Sight celebrates the artworks of Taranaki artist and environmental campaigner Derek Parker Little. “The art is a vehicle – a way to tell the message”, he says. “War is indicative that we have the wrong values.  There is just endless repetition”.  His           paintings are stories.  They are telling a tale.  They’re not just paintings.  The times that have given him the greatest pleasure are when he saw children gathered round one of his paintings arguing and discussing.  That to him was “absolute bloody heaven.  I watched and watched. They were discussing bits and pieces about it, as I intended.  Another I remember was a girl sitting on the ground by a painting and crying.”

 “It’s all part of the story I want to tell the children.  The majority of my work, I want to get it on general display, is aimed at the next generation.  My biggest hope is my work will get into the curriculum at schools to show today’s generation we can’t go on doing what we are doing.” And not just regarding war, he was also concerned about the environment. “It’s become an obsession”, he says. “There is repetition.  We go in complete circles all the time. The destruction of wildlife, forests, it’s all for money.  We’ve lost our sense of value.   My biggest concern is there won’t be a world”. One painting suggests there is something wrong with the human race. “Do we have a faulty gene?” Parker Little writes.

 The significant themes in Parker Little’s work include exponential human growth and population, food production, industrialisation, pollution, consumption of non-renewable resources, and the future.  This exhibition also includes a participatory element by inviting the public to create object labels in response to his work.  These labels will then be displayed alongside Parker Little’s works thus creating a forum for an on-going discussion around the themes of his dynamic work.

Exhibition Curators, Cameron S. Curd & Luana Paamu


Exhibition Catalogue

Here is the exhibition catalogue offered in a digital version.  This is complete with his paintings and poetry inspired by the paintings.

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