ARTEFACT OF THE WEEK:  Today’s artefact depicts a Empire Baby De-luxe typewriter.  The Hermes Baby Typewriter was a successful machine from E. Paillard & Company in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Also known as the Hermes Baby Jubilee, it is considered by many to be the “Mini Cooper” of typewriters. When it was first introduced, the Baby gained almost instant success and became the “must have” typewriter for novelists, celebrities, reporters, and journalists of the time. Designed for Paillard by famed Italian designer Giuseppe Presioso, the beautiful lines of the Hermes Baby changed typewriter design forever. The Baby was reputed to be the typewriter of choice for Ernest Hemingway. The Hermes Baby was also manufactured under the names Empire Baby, Empire Junior, and Baby De Luxe Model in the United Kingdom, the Ala in Italy, and the M.K. Mala in Poland.  If you know more information about this artefact that would be useful for our catalogue, contact the museum on 0800 111 323 or museum@stdc.govt.nz, Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki Heritage Collection, with reference to:  TN.0022.27.

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