Emmie Billens


This postcard features Emmie Billens who was a teacher in Pātea and married in Canada.  If you have information about this photo, or to order a copy, contact the museum on 0800 111 323 or museum@stdc.govt.nz, Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki Heritage Collection (M1E 25).

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  1. It looks like Emmie is wearing a graduation robe, I found her on a l List of Students who Entered Victoria College in 1909.
    List of Students who Entered Victoria College in 1909.

    Possibly her graduation photo…Billens, Emmie 1909-10 (Mrs. A. T. Lowe)

    Found this on line also “BILLENS FAMILY” site: http://www.familytreecircles.com/billens-marriages-new-zealand-1867-1933-58112.html.
    The mystery about the two unnamed daughters of Henry Billens and Eliza Hewitt has been solved. The one born on 3 May 1879 is their first child Mary (her birth was never registered, and she was not born in 1880). The one born on 6 May 1889 was Emmie Billens. Her birth registration is 1931/21550, with date of birth shown as 6 May 1889 and with her parents listed as Henry Billens & Elizabeth Hewitt. Emmie is the wife of A. Low(e) from Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) listed as a surviving child in the funeral notice of her mother in 1935. A photo of Emmie is shown on this web-page – https://museumofsouthtaranaki.wordpress.com – which states that she was a teacher at Patea and married in Canada. Emmie is found on a passenger list from England to Vancouver on 16 Sep 1922. This passenger list says she was 32 years old (she was 33) and born in New Zealand. At the time she had been living in Willington in England. Emmie Lowe nee Billens died in Canada on 27 Oct 1975 at the stated age of 85 (she was 86). As to Mary – her cemetary record for when she died in May 1951 just days after her birthday gives an age of 72 years, which ahrees with her birth in 1879. Also, if Mary had instead been born a year later on 3 May 1880 there would have been no time for a pregnancy resulting in the birth of her sister Mabel Ellis Billens on 21 Feb 1881 (9 months between babies is not enough because of the at least 6 weeks after birth before fertility returns). Mary is definately the daughter who was birn on 3 May 1879. Henry Billens and Eliza Hewitt then had 7 children (not 8), 5 girls and 2 boys
    It might be of some help.

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