The origin of the Christmas jersey

Love them, or loathe them, we’ve all seen them – Christmas jerseys. Sometimes they have been lovingly knitted by a doting Nana, other times they’re a Secret Santa joke, while others are the prized possession of someone who went shopping and found their perfect festive wear. How did Christmas jerseys become such a staple of the festive wardrobe?

I couldn’t find anything definitive on the net, but I did find some amazing examples of Christmas jerseys I want to share with you. I hope somewhere there is a Museum keeping samples of the best (worst?) of these because in 100 years’ time they’re going to say a lot about how we celebrated Christmas during my lifetime.

As for the origins of the Christmas jersey, I’ll leave you to ponder that as you enjoy these pieces of sartorial elegance…

sweater 1 sweater 2  sweater 4

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