It’s looking a lot like Christmas

Christmas is only a few weeks away, with all the excitement of Christmas cards, decorating the tree, maybe some festive lights, and all those wonderful presents. As there is only my husband and myself Christmas day is very low key – maybe chicken and salad, and pavlova or brandy snaps. Cooking a traditional hot Christmas lunch is one English tradition I am very happy to unsubscribe to! We only give gifts to the younger members of our family, and to each other, otherwise it becomes this whole commercial shopping trip and not much fun at all. I do send out a lot of Christmas cards, it’s my way of saying thanks to all the people who are part of our lives during the year.

Have you ever thought about where some of these traditions come from, and how they started? Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at some of our Christmas traditions and how they came to be part of our lives in New Zealand. In the meantime, here’s a couple of lovely vintage greeting cards:

cat3 vintage-christmas-cards-vintage-16151463-450-283

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