The magic of family photos

Family photos – when I was younger I thought they were pretty boring, to be honest. All those old people I don’t know, at events I know nothing about. I’m turning 50 soon (really, scarily soon…) and, as I’ve got older, I’ve realised how important family photos are. My ancestry is half Irish, half English. My mother was adopted out at 18 months old after a huge scandal in 1924-25 – so there’s some interesting history family. We are lucky to have some photos of her birth mother, Angela O’Neil De Vere, as a child and a few precious photos of Angela from throughout her life. We also have the photo show below; her adopted father, James Ross, is the wee boy at the far left in this 1890 family portrait taken in Waverley.

We never met Mum’s birth mother, but have had a lot of contact with her family, and some contact with her birth father’s family. Of course there is a lot of information we don’t have, but these few family photos help to piece together a fuller story. They’re not just people I don’t know – they’re part of my story, and my family’s story.

In our archives we have a lot of family photos, including formal family portraits such as this, wedding photos and more casual photos taken at family events. If you are doing family research we’d love you to make contact and see if we have anything to share with you – email or phone 0800 111 323.

James Ross

Left to right: James 1884, Emma, George Charles 1844, Jessie 1876, Sarah Ann 1861, Joseph 1877 and George Ross. Photo taken c 1890.

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