A party political broadcast

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a general election coming up. And boy oh boy, what an election! There is an unprecedented level of personal attack and Presidential style campaigning that is new to our country.
I’ve been thinking about how much campaigning has changed in the decades I have been voting. I found a poster online from the 1975 featuring Rob Muldoon. It has such a different feel to today’s ones. I also found a 2008 poster for Obama, showing America’s Presidential style of campaigning.
Aside from the politics, posters like these show how change in others ways – changes in design style, increasing input from publicity specialists, changes in what people are concerned about and much more. When Museums collect and care for posters they not just collecting fusty old bits of paper; they’re preserving our social history for future generations to study and learn from. How cool is that!

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