Should I even say this? War!

Sometimes you want to say something and just don’t know if you should. Now is one of those times. I have been talking with my peers right across New Zealand recently about owning our opinions, so have decided to write this post and own my opinion.
As I watch the 6pm news I often cry as I watch the images of war, of man’s sheer inhumanity to man. I cry for the children, for the bereft parents, for the loss to our world of the potential each of those people has. So much death and destruction…
But I also think about the non-human losses that will impact on those countries for many decades to come; in truth, like, the loss of people, some losses wall always impact.
I’m referring to the loss of artworks, books, maps and social history artefacts, and the buildings that house them – all those things which help a nation know who it is, where it comes from, what it means to be a Palestinian, a Somali or a Kiwi.
As I weep over images of the war in Gaza I can’t help wondering what will be left when the fighting stops, if in fact it ever does. I know both sides have a strong oral history, but there is power in objects that can be seen and held. There’s a link between holding something in your hand and recalling a memory.
So much loss, and so much lost potential; it just makes me incredibly sad. It makes me thankful to live in New Zealand, where we have wonderful treasure houses that preserve all those things which add to our collective memory. Cath
This 2009 photo shows The Gaza Museum of Archaeology which was damaged when Israel launched Operation Cast Lead at the end of December 2008 with a series of air strikes on Hamas targets across Gaza.
gaza a1

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