Thinking about hand writing

portable 017
I’ve got a wrist injury that needs some serious rest or I’ll end up with it in plaster for 6 weeks, so no painting, crafting or letter writing for me for a while. To rest it even further, I’m using my left hand for writing, mousing and typing. Not a pretty sight!
The results got me thinking about hand writing. We have some paperwork on display at the moment from the late 1800s – written in ink, probably by candle light, yet the writing is beautiful. My aunt was a new entrant’s teacher and she had wonderful handwriting and could write from the centre outward using both hands at once.
Of course now most of us type on a computer or mobile device. What will our hand writing look like in 100 years’ time; will be even know how to hand write any more? It’s an interesting thought.

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