Off to Iceland?

Are you off to Iceland any time soon? No? Pity, me neither, which really is a shame because the Árbær Museum looks fascinating. It is a recreated typical Icelandic village, with more than 20 buildings forming a town square and a farm. It is designed to give you a sense of how Icelanders used to live before and after industrialization came to Iceland, with turf roofed houses vintage cars spread all around. The employees and tour guides dress in traditional Icelandic clothing, and give tours all year round. arnaer

One of the other six Reykjavik Museums, which I find more odd than fascinating, is the the Icelandic Phallological Museum, aka the Penis Museum. Right there in Reykjavik, you can find the world´s largest display of penises. Some 280 penises from more than 90 animals are displayed, including the penises of some Icelandic elves! It received its first human specimen penis in 2011, and has a mold of the 15 erect penises of the Icelandic National Handball team – sculpted in silver to commemorate their 2008 silver medal in the Beijing Olympic Games. What can I say to that?

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