A little glass, a lot of wonder

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has a 9-ton glass sculpture by artist Dale Chihuly. At 43 feet tall “Fireworks of Glass,” is the largest permanent blown glass piece that the famed glass artist has ever done. It is made up of 3,000 individual glass “horns” as well as a thick glass base that contains another 1,700 pieces.

Here in Patea we are a long way from Indianapolis and the incredible work of Chihuly, but we’re fortunate to have a lovely education room where we can work with local children and have access to some wonderful treasures of our own in the Trust’s collections. We’re busy revamping the walls in the education room at the moment, and will share a few photos with you once it is finished.

By the way, I first saw Chihuly’s work about 20 years ago, at an exhibition in Hamilton – I was stunned by the beauty of the glass and have followed his work ever since. If I ever win Lotto…
chihuly glass

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