Reaching out, making connections

The other day we were talking about connections and whether or not following something or someone on Facebook, a blog, Twitter etc constitutes a relationship. It’s an interesting question, and the answer very much depends on why you are, how you use social media, and even whether you’re a Baby Boomer or more Gen Y. I was born in the last year of Baby Boomers but my online behaviour is much more Gen X. I love social media and use a multitude of platforms for all kinds of reasons. I feel I’ve a relationship with some of the people I only know online and I value those connections. I know for other people, if you are not friends in real life, then it’s just not a relationship.

What does this have to do with the Museum? Most Saturdays I sit down and write a week’s worth of blog posts, roughly aiming for one every two days. I try to let people see me in my writing; this is not academic writing, it’s me as the Museum’s day to day manager reaching out to you saying “hey, we’ve got this cool thing happening, or this awesome new object, and I think you’d be interested”.  I’m trying to make a connection and hoping that if you enjoy what you read, you will share the love by sharing the post, liking us on Facebook and visiting us if you get the opportunity.

Does it work? It seems to. The most popular post was read by 201 people and most days we have up to 30 people read the blog. Here’s what our stats graph looks like:

connectingIf you enjoy your online relationship with us, feel free to recommend us to your friends, and leave a comment – we’d love to chat with you.

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