If you are in Melbourne…

Heading across the ditch to visit our Aussie neighbours any time soon? If you are, the Melbourne Museum is a great place to spend some time. Their latest exhibition to open is First Peoples. I have been a huge fan of Aboriginal Art for many years, so would love to see this exhibition dedicated to their First People; unfortunately overseas travel is not high on my list of priorities at the moment! Here’s some information from their website:

first peoples

First Peoples is now open at Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Melbourne Museum.

First Peoples is a shared endeavour of Museum Victoria and the Victorian Aboriginal community. The First Peoples Yulendj Group of Elders and community representatives have brought their knowledge, stories, culture, objects and images to guide the exhibition’s development.

The welcome area of the exhibition, Wominjeka, invites you to the many Countries of Aboriginal Victoria. Here you are introduced to the diverse languages of Victorian Aboriginal people, languages that you will see and hear throughout First Peoples.

In Generations you can listen to people from across Victoria share stories of connection, family, culture and resilience, and explore a vibrant and poignant collection of historical and contemporary photographs. Generations is a dynamic and interactive celebration of contemporary Koorie identity that features stories that have been handed from generation to generation–stories from yesterday and today, and stories for the future.

The diverse cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia are laid out in the spectacular array of Many Nations. Digital labels connect each of the nearly 500 artefacts with the people that made them and used them. Features include a hands-on activity table with fun and educational experiences for kids, and a case of children’s objects brought to life through animations.

Our Story chronicles the histories and cultures of Victoria’s first peoples, from Creation to the present day, with stories of ceremony, customs, Law and resilience, before and after the arrival of Europeans. This section celebrates the flourishing of Aboriginal peoples and cultures in modern times and pays tribute to those who seek to learn and respect Aboriginal Law.

Wominjeka. Welcome.

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