Postcards in the mail

Do you remember sending postcards to your friends when you went on holiday? Perhaps you went to the beach with your parents, or stayed with cousins on a farm somewhere. Maybe you bought postcards as souvenirs because the pictures are better than any photo you could take.

As a kid, our family didn’t go on holidays because Dad was a grocer and it was hard for him to get away. When I was eight we had a special holiday, with my much older sister as well; just over a week visiting Napier, Hastings, Taupo and Rotorua. My sister was about to have a baby and it was the last time it would be just us as a family.  I remember that holiday vividly, and still have some postcards we bought along the way.

Our current exhibition, Top of the Shots, has a postcard making table as one of the activities for kids and adults to enjoy. I made one to send to a friend (I’ve covered over her address as I doubt she’d appreciate a bunch of random mail!). I loved making it, and it brought back good memories. If you’re passing, why not drop in and make your own postcard or two?

postcard 3 postcard back

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