Patea Primary in 1970

Recently I sat with a local mother and daughter as they watched a video of Patea Primary School taken in 1970. Right at the end of the video the mother said “there I am, I am in it”. Once she knew what she had been dressed in, she was able to spot herself earlier in the video on the second viewing. It was nice watching them identify relatives, talk about some of the old houses, and laugh at the mother’s chubby 5 or 6 year old cheeks.

One of the things that struck both of us was how happy we all look. Not all of us had shoes, some of us had holes in our jerseys but we are all smling. We agreed we’re lucky we went to school here. For the record, in the video I’m a 5 year old in an impractical white cardigan and pigtails tied with red ribbons!

In the photo below, you can see the video on the large screen tv on the wall at the end of the table. If you were at Patea Primary School in 1970 drop in and see if you can spot yourself in the classroom, or out on the playground (one of the games we are playing is Bullrush) because the video will only be playing for another couple of weeks.

school video

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