Engagement. No, not the sparkly diamond kind (although I do love a good diamond) but the ‘totally absorbed and into this – did someone call my name?’ kind. You know what I mean; you’re creating something and time vanishes, or you are reading a great book and the kids call your name but it’s as though you heard them through water. That kind of engagement.

That’s the kind of engagement we sometimes see when children are handling something amazing, such as a fossil or a piece of bone. A light goes on and they start to *know* something, something kind of cool and really big. Their mind starts to make connections between them and the object in their hand, between them and history.

Putting an object into their hands isn’t enough for the light to go on. You have to get them thinking, feeling, sensing, connecting. It doesn’t always happen no matter how hard you try, but when it does happen it’s magic. If you’d like to introduce your children or grandchildren to the wonders of history, we’d love to help – pop in any time or phone us on 0800 111 323 for a chat.

The children shown were part of a Taranaki Explorers group that visited us in 2013 and as they handled some objects we could see the connections happening. How cool is that!

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