Te wiki o te Reo – our own taonga

As Te wiki o te Reo draws to a close for 2013, I hope you have enjoyed the week of blog posts, and learned a little along the way. I’d like to leave you with two things; a little more information about the taonga held within our beautiful museum, and the correction pronunciation of Taupo, another Kiwi treasure.

Aotea Utanganui has on display the Waitore Artefacts, the remains of what was possibly a waka repair yard destroyed by a tsunami around 1400. These artefacts tell us about the people who lived in South Taranaki over six hundred years ago. One piece, a haumi (bow cover) has been carved in a manner that is similar to current Polynesian carving and tattoo styles.

The New Zealand Wars in Taranaki are illustrated with weaponry and artefacts. We honour the warriors from both sides – Titokowaru, Tūtange Waionui, Charles Broughton and James Livingston are just a few whose descendants live in the district today.

toe paw

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