What a pest!

Have you ever taken an old blanket out of the cupboard and discovered it’s full of moth holes? Imagine if that happened in a museum! After all, Museums are full of things insects would enjoy, like cloth and old paper, and there’s plenty of food and nesting material for mice as well.


At Aotea Utanganui we have an “Integrated Pest Management Plan” which is a fancy way of saying we take a whole range of steps to stay pest-free. Here are just some of the steps we use:
All rubbish bins are emptied every day.
We have mouse traps baited all the time – they are numbered and we record any mice caught so we know what areas are a problem.
Every 3 months we use torches to search in all the corners, under cabinets etc to look for signs of insect activity.
Anything the Museum is offered for the collection is checked thoroughly for pests before being allowed past our ‘quarantine’ room.
We use a closed container to fumigate items that need it.

It’s all fairly simple, but to make it work we have to be consistent and always think about the risks. We’re planning on a pest-free winter … if you need help looking after your precious old items get in touch for some free advice. We’re happy to help.

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