What happens between exhibitions?

One exhibition ends, and the next doesn’t open for a week or two. Good heavens! Couldn’t we just get a bit more organised and open sooner? Well, no – unfortunately it’s not that simple. Here’s an idea of what is happening in the gap between exhibitions at Aotea Utanganui.

The last exhibition involved solid temporary framework on the walls to support heavy display cases. The display cases came off the walls on Sunday and two days were spent checking, wrapping, and documenting. Today the cases were collected from the Museum, along with the taonga. Over the last few days the temporary framework was removed and packed away for future use.

Today staff gave the temporary exhibition gallery a quick clean then started repairing the walls; filling small holes, patching the paint work, putting masking tape everywhere ready to start painting the walls a very specific color for the next exhibition. There’s two coats to go on, then it’ll be time to start hanging the works, adding labels, putting up signage, checking everything is level, and that the spot lights all point to the right places.

We’re excited about the coming exhibition; more about that in the next day or two. In the meantime, it’s paint brushes and power tools here at the Museum.

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