Curiosities in the collection

When you have a collection that has been packed up in boxes and wrapped up in bubble wrap the process of unwrapping is one of discovery – what is this? What does it do? How does it work? Those items that have accession numbers can be looked up in the old registers, but sometimes they are not much help … for example, today (August 2010) we unwrapped two wooden screws or augers, about 600mm long and 220 in diameter that were, apparently, used in the butter churning process. We haven’t worked out the how yet – but we will. Here is a photo of one – if you have any clues – don’t keep us in the dark; share your knowledge please! The best it is, we have two of them!

One is slightly longer than the other and has a metal bit that looks as if it could attach to something, but I don’t know what. We shall keep on looking, and keep on unwrapping the curiosities in the collection.

Edited version of a post which appeared on our original blog in August 2010.

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